mass health screening

TrustOne enables organizations to manage medical screening of their employees, guests, and passengers efficiently, to mitigate the effects of COVID-19.

For business organisations

TrustOne is a one-stop shop for various organizations to efficiently manage that employees, passengers, and guests are tested negative for COVID-19 before entering their premises.

The solution helps organizations securely manage, share, and verify COVID-19 test data matched with traveler identities.

For passengers / guests

TrustOne enables passengers / guests to sign up for using TrustOne, and book their test sampling appointment.

They can use their TrustOne ID (in a QR code format) to identify themselves during an appointment, and when entering the premises of the service provider (e.g. an airplane, cruise ship, or an event).

Provide proofs to your passengers and guests, that you care about their health and safety

Leveraging blockchain technology, TrustOne automatically assesses medical test results of passengers, guests and employees, while managing all necessary steps end-to-end.

TrustOne is flexible and medical-test agnostic, which enables organizations to adapt as regulation and science evolves. 


Organizations can manage mass testing efficiently to mitigate any risk of failure.


Avoid the consequences of employees/guests get infected on your premises


Improve guest trust and confidence by managing health screening

Use cases

Passenger, guest screening

End-to-end digital passenger journey: from appointment booking to test results. Whether you need to test travellers, or guests of an event, TrustOne can provide a fail proof and efficient solution.

Employee screening

Screening employees enables organizations to comply with COVID-19 related safety regulations, and prevent on premise infections.

Additionally, it ensures employees and guests that the organization cares about their health and safety.

Physical object cleaning control‚Äč

Applying TrustOne QR codes on physical objects (like lavatories, rooms, lounges, transport vehicles, etc.), and logging cleaning / disinfecting events improves passenger trust, by providing access to anyone to scan the QR code of the object and see its cleaning history.


Whether you intend to organize the testing of your employees, passengers, or guests, TrustOne can provide a customized solution based on the following general process elements.


TrustOne offers multiple ways to register patients (e.g. migration, self-registration, registration by sampling personnel). Self-registration can be extended by appointment booking, advanced user eligibility verification (e.g. by ticket ID), or online payment.


Sampling personnel uses our handy mobile app to assign test kits to patients.

Test result

TrustOne accepts test result related information by a secury FHIR API. Custom test result compliance business logic can be applied to verify compliance.

Test compliance control

Controllers use a mobile app to check test compliance when patients enter the premises of the service provider (e.g. at the entrance of an event, during boarding to a plane). Controllers don't access medical data, only the assessment result.


Mobile app

One app for every role. Passengers / guests, employees, controllers, cleaners login with their credentials to access the functions necessary for their tasks.

Web portal

The TrustOne web portal enables organizations to manage their users, premises, and control the gathered data.

TrustOne API

The TrustOne API enables organizations to connect their backend systems to update master data, or even embed TrustOne functions into their mobile app.

Data security and privacy

The solution enables organizations to set test result protocols and check the compliance to new COVID-19 medical screening for employees and passengers / guests.

Test results are stored on blockchain in a pseudonymized way, protected by high level encryption.

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