TE-FOOD, Eurofins, and GE Aviation offers end-to-end Covid-19 testing process solution for corporate customers

TE-FOOD and GE Aviation recently launched TrustOne, which enables organizations to manage and monitor the medical screening of their employees, guests, and passengers to mitigate the effects of COVID-19.

The cooperation with Eurofins targets corporate customers to receive a full package of tests, and TrustOne to manage and monitor testings efficiently.

Eurofins Scientific is a worldwide laboratory testing services group. Eurofins has 800 laboratories in 50 countries, with 48 000 employees.

The offering provides several ways for corporations to collect samples: through walk-in labs on many locations around the world, through on-site samplings by a healthcare professional, or by self-sampling at home with the supervision of a medical professional via live video (in countries where it’s allowed).

The solution tracks the sample kits throughout the way to the lab and registers the test result.

Corporations can define the testing schedule of their employees, and set rules regarding what results they accept for compliance. Corporations can combine sample testing with regular health status surveys, and temperature checks which are registered in the mobile app.

Eurofins offers a full end to end process from appointment booking through to results, which provides several added values to corporations and their employees.