Albany airport first to get GE Aviation's safe travel technology

TE-FOOD and GE Aviation developed a new application based on TrustOne’s technology, that will provide updated information on cleaning routines designed to stop the spread of the coronavirus. The application has been implemented by Albany International Airport, NY.

The Wellness Trace App will read QR codes at 45 locations throughout the airport. Travelers can scan the codes with their smartphones to learn how recently each location was sanitized and how frequently. The information is updated each time the area is cleaned.

Lavatories, seating areas, ticket counters and other high-touch areas are among the locations covered by the app developed for the airport by GE Aviation’s Digital Group and TE-FOOD.

Travelers can obtain the information by using their smartphones to scan the QR code.

“It’s exciting that Albany International Airport is partnering with GE on cutting edge technology that may help travelers feel safer since COVID-19 has changed our world,” said Albany County Executive Daniel P. McCoy. “Being able to scan a QR code and know the last time that surface at the airport was cleaned may alleviate some of the stress and uncertainty people are feeling as they venture out and bring back a sense of confidence. Any reassurance we can give people as they travel that they are doing so safely is important.”

“We believe the digital vision Albany International Airport is advancing is exactly the kind of template airports and airlines will need to ensure safe, healthy travel through the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond,” said Andrew Coleman, general manager of GE Aviation’s Digital Group. “We’re proud to have Albany International sign on as our launch customer. The App is helping them closely track COVID-19 cleaning protocols today, with the potential to track other health screening as the Industry and regulators navigate safe travel in a post-pandemic world.”

GE Aviation press release

November 12, 2020