Employee control

Ensure that anyone who enters your premises is medically screened to avoid on-site infections, and its consequences.

Automatically inform employees about their test results

Automatically generate daily testing schedules

Automatically generate downloadable test certificates

Organisation’s controllers check employees test result compliance at entry

Automatically set and communicate next testing dates

Keep track of test kits and samples wherever they are


System setup

Set up master data (users, roles, groups) which will be used to manage users, and tested persons in the system. TrustOne doesn’t require personal data, only a unique identifier for each user, which can be generated in the form of a 1D/2D barcode. 

Set testing frequency logic (e.g. every 5 days) for each group / department.

Set test result assessment logic to grant or deny access to specific parts of the premises. Complex logic can be defined to consider positive, negative, inconclusive, or failed tests as well.  

Testing process

TrustOne generates daily test schedules for each group, and able to notify tested persons about the testing date.

Register test samplings in the mobile app, web application, or through data migration. Samplings need a unique identifier (e.g. Test Kit ID, sample ID), and connection to the tested person.

Test results can be uploaded the same way, with connection to the unique identifier of the sample.

The system automatically generates

  • next testing date according to the test, frequency, and the result
  • the test result certificate in PDF format. 

Controlling test result compliance

When employees enter the premises, their unique ID (badge ID, ticket nr., etc.) needs to be checked by a controller. It can be a human controller using the TrustOne mobile app, or a machine (tablet, kiosk terminal) integrated to the entry gate system.

As the controller scans the unique identifier of the employee, TrustOne collects the latest test result assessment of the employee and displays it. The assessment result can grant access to the entire premises, to a specific sector, or deny access at all.

For continuous screening, employers can combine lab testing with regular health status self-surveys and temperature checks. Survey and temperature check results can be embedded into the health assessment logic.

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