Object control

Implement the logging of biosecurity protocols to prove your guests / passengers that you care about their safety.

Understand the needs of your guests​

1 %

of people think the main concern is using airport and aircraft restrooms /toilet facilities.

1 %

of people would feel a lot safer to know that the aircraft and airport facilities are regularly cleaned and sanitized.

1 %

of people don’t trust biosecurity protocols and would feel safer to see sanitization being performed.

Digitize your objects

Collect and register physical objects (e.g. restrooms, lobbies, check-in desks, vehicle indoors, elevators, etc.) in TrustOne.

TrustOne generates a digital identity for each object, which is embedded into a QR code. This QR code can be printed and applicated on the object on an easily accesssible place.

Register and control biosecurity events

Cleaning / disinfecting teams scan the QR code of the object, and register a cleaning event.

Registering an event takes 5-10 seconds.

Separate users with a Controller role can evaluate the quality of the events by using the mobile app. 

Let your guests access the cleaning information

Guests can scan the object QR codes with any mobile app with barcode scanning capability. They are forwarded to a web based landing page of the object, which shows past cleaning events.

Optionally, guests can be enabled to rate the cleanliness of the object.

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